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June 27th, 2002

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hey all-
thanks for the excellant comments. you guys all rock! getting love and support from people you don't even know is such a blessing! so thank you soooooooooooooooooo much! sorry i can't reply to them all now- i'm too swamped with wedding stuff!!!

we had an awesome bachelorette party last night. it was so much fun! we had it at our hotel room and there was about 10 of us. it was so great.

we made our boquets this morning!!! they're so pretty!!!!

i've gotta go get a shower and get my hair done! we have pictures at 5 and then the wedding starts at 7!!!! i'm singing right at 7 (central time) so pray then alright? :)

i sang last night at the rehearsal and praise God it went so great. i only hope tonite is as good. the church is amazing and my voice just carried through the whole sanctuary. it was so neat. everyone was so sweet and told me what a nice job i did. that was such a blessing.

i praise God for the talents He's given me. without Him i am really nothing.

have a wonderful evening!!!

pray for tonite!!! i can't believe my brother's getting married! ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

i'll post pics when i get home!

***mwah to you all***
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