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May 27th, 2002

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sunday was such a great day. church was awesome. we didn't stop worshipping till 2 o'clock. it was great.

i took a nap in the afternoon and helped my dad with yardwork...

then i went down to heather's (josh is in town this weekend) and we hung out there for a while. then john and josh asked me if i wanted to go see star wars with them at the 10:15 showing. so of course i said yes! lol. i sat in da middle. :) much fun.

now i'm going to walmart with my family. woohoo! family trip to walmart! they just got done building the one near us and it's pretty exciting. haha

heather's lifeguarding at the pool today so i'll probably go and hang out with her and the kids and john and josh. :) horray for good times with a cute boy. hehe

later y'all!

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