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May 14th, 2002

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grrr! i'm so frustrated right now. and the one person i want to talk to about it (my sister) i'm not even allowed. so lame.

call people your best friends and then leave them out of important decisions in your life. yeah makes sense.

i give up.

i will never understand certain people and the decisions they want to make that will completely alter the rest of their life.

to be honest... i don't think my opinions matter. sometimes it feels like a show so i'll think my opinion matters when in all honesty it doesn't!


i'm cranky and i'm pissed cause i wanna talk to kate.

some things suck.

thank God for family. the ONE consistency.

ps- there's no need to get upset about this entry. this is MY lj and i will write how i feel. thank you.

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confused as all hell
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