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April 15th, 2002

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so... my weekend in a nutshell.

after work on saturday i came home and cleaned my car- the inside cause we're in a drought and i can't wash the outside. i brought my cousins greg and eric with me and they hung out with stevie and declan while kate and i cleaned.

then my friends from bible study came over and we baked yummy goodies for the bake sale on sunday. i made 2 peach pies from scratch! go me! i also made a jewish apple cake, a cinnamon swirl cake, lemon poppyseed bread, cheesecake and i think that's it. other people made cookies, rice krispie treats, brownies... it was much fun! i love baking! everyone kept saying what a good mom i'll be cause i'm good at baking. haha. we'll see. kids don't leave much room for baking. :)

after we were finishing baking we hung out and played cards for a while. it was a lot of fun! i'm blessed with some great friends.

church was really good on sunday. we had a guest speaker and he spoke a lot on islam and the mis-conceptions about the religion. i learned a lot. after church we had the bake sale and we sold out of everything in about 15-20 minutes! no lie! we could have made so much more stuff and sold it all. oh well. there's always next time. but it was still good.

then our group headed out for chinese and we had our meeting and planned our events for the next 4 months. it's gonna be a fun summer!

my little brother and i rented movies and came home. we watched hardball first. i cried. it was good, but so sad. then my parents got home from indy! it was so great to see them! i really missed them a lot. we all talked for a while about our week. it was good. then we watched training day together. kind of a strange movie. i don't think i enjoyed it...

work was super crazy today. the day just flew by which was nice. it was just so hectic. ahhh!

went out and got pizza with kate and declan. i came home tonite and prepared for wednesday cause i'm teaching bible study. the subject is "simplicity." it's gonna be good. and now i'm really tired... i should go to bed at a decent hour for once. my body will thank me tomorrow.

sorry i haven't commented on people's entries lately! i haven't been able to do much at work cause of the craziness and i'm rarely on at home... but i do read what you guys write and you're in my thoughts and prayers! God bless!
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