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April 10th, 2002

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i'm tired. this week's kinda dragging. maybe cause my parents are gone. i dunno. we had fun in the office this afternoon... just laughing and being loud cause we can. haha. we worked, too. ;)

i made lyryn go to bible study with me tonite. i wish she'd open up more. she acts like those people aren't her friends! i know they all love her. she just is totally not herself around them. but she knows that. it's not a big deal. i just want her to enjoy herself.

i had a good time though. i have to teach next week. darn! i forgot to get the book from troy. doh. crap. when am i gonna get that... grrr... i hate being forgetful.

came home and i had a package from don!!! thanks bud. i really liked the card. and the present was cool, too. stevie really likes it. haha. i owe you one.

alright. i need to go eat my really really late dinner cause i'm starving!


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