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April 8th, 2002

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oh my goodness!

i haven't updated since thursday. i get so confused sometimes. i always think i update my journal when i read thru my friends page and then when i check my email i have no comments and i get all mad. haha. then i remember i didn't update. oops. hehe. oh well.

this weekend went by really fast. i worked all weekend bascially. by this saturday it'll be 13 days in a row. wow. i need a vacation. :)

mom and dad left today for indianapolis. so i'm running the show at work. today went well though! praise the lord! i just hope the rest of the week goes smooth.

that's about it. no wonder i never update. my life isn't exciting. :(

it's all good. i can't wait to watch the next episode of the bachelor tonite! later!

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