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March 26th, 2002

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our church supports a missionary in india named immanuel paul and our family is particularly close to his cause my mom went to india 5 years ago. one of his sons spurgeon came and visited a few years ago and he just called! from india! how cool is that. i didn't get to talk to him long cause the connection got bad but praise God his family is doing well! it was so random. i answered the phone and it was a call from india. haha. that is too cool. my mom was just talking about them last nite to the pastor, too. God works in mysterious ways.

today is just draaaaaaaaaaaaaging. it's only 11. i'm so hungry! i didn't eat breakfast again today. shame on me.

i have worship practice tonite. steve's coming home this weekend!!!!!!! hooray! so he'll be leading worship on sunday! i'm so excited!!! it's gonna be so great to have him back again. even if it just is for 1 sunday. :)

alright. back to work...

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