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March 21st, 2002

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fooey. getting your period sucks. the first day always sucks. oh woe is me. blech.

my grandmom and poppop came by the store to see us. that was a nice surprise. grandmom noticed i'm losing weight. hooray! i don't notice it too much, but if other people tell you that's always nice.

grandmom's been crying on and off. being at the store brings up memories of my uncle greg. she's still trying to cope with his death. it's hard for her. i'm just dosing out extra hugs today. that's all i can do.

i don't want to get cramps today. please no. that's the last thing i need. extra stregnth tylenol will be my best friend for today. i don't wanna feel sick cause i really wanted to go to class tonite at the y.

alright. back to work and socializing with the family.

it's almost friday!

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i left work 15 minutes early today due to major crampage. ugh. it sucked. i came home and rested for an hour with the heating pad. got up at 7 and went to the cardio class. i'm glad i went. it felt good. it was freaking hard as crap tonite cause there was a different lady teaching it... but i'm glad i went. it's such a challenge at times. i hate running and this lady made us run SO much... but i did it. it was good. hooray for me! and hooray for lyryn, kate and mrs. king cause they did it, too!

came home and it started snowing... what the heck!?!? it was 55 today and i was wearing capris. this weather is weird.

tomorrow night this church is having a 24 hour worship-fest thing and they asked our church to bring a worship team over, so me, kate, danny and isaac are gonna go. we're on from 11 to 1. rock. i'm excited. it's gonna be awesome. i need to go to sleep now though cause i'm gonna be so tired at 1 in the morning.

i can totally feel muscles in my arm! it rocks! haha. last nite i told my mommy to feel my muscle and she was impressed. hah. i'm a loser. oh well.

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