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March 20th, 2002

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ugh. it's pouring rain outside. yuck. i don't mind rain when i can stay inside with a good book... but when you're at work... it's just not cool.

but i look nice today! lol. there's a plus. doesn't happen too often either. i'm wearing lyryn's shirt, too. haha. she let me borrow it a few months ago and i haven't given it back yet. ;)

i went to the gym last nite and kate and i went to this out of control class. it was a combination of running, step aerobics (with weights) and an ab session. whew. it was an hour long, but we did it! the class started with about 12 people and there were only 5 left at the end- including us. woohoo! haha. it was fun though.

i have bible study tonite and i'm actually looking forward to going. i need to some social activity. :)

ok. lots of work to do today. for some reason right now i'm happy. i'm sure that will slowly fade as the day goes on. yesterday sucked. i was not in a good mood. i was depressed as hell. why? i don't know. i just was. crying for no reason... i hate that.

oh yes. five o'clock people. a pleasant way to start my day. :)
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one thing cracked me up last night while kate and i were doing the class. we were both in a little bit of pain while we were doing the million sets of crunches and kate turns to me and goes "all i keep thinking is bikini... bikini." haha. i thought it was funny. you want motiviation? that's it. lol
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