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March 18th, 2002

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i worked 10 1/2 hours on saturday. all together that totals for about 54 hours just last week. i'm a workaholic. no no i'm not really. we did a lot of re-arranging of the showroom on saturday and that's why i was there so long. i went out to eat with my parents around 9 o'clock. it was late, but we were hungry. they tortured me again about finding a guy. i cried... in public... in the restaurant. part of me feels sometimes like i've let my parents down by not dating or having a boyfriend. everyone else does and they're happy. i know they're glad i've tried for the most part to guard my heart, but i really am scared about never finding someone. they just don't understand that. i dunno. i'm getting off subject here.

so we ate... went home and watched coyote ugly. it was on tv. i like that movie. finally i went to bed around 12. i had to get up early on saturday to practice an easter play i'm helping with. practice ran over and so i didn't make it into church in time to be able to sing on the worship team. oh well. i survived. church let out early so we could go look at a new building we're going to purchase. pray it goes through. we need a building so bad.

i took stevie to baseball practice after church... got some chinese food and had lunch by myself. kinda peaceful. at 3 my friends from bible study came over. we split up into 2 groups and went to visit some elderly people from our church. emanuele, troy and i went to the alvisi's. they're an older couple and the wife has a bone-deteriorating disease. she's completely crippled physically- but spiritually the woman is a rock. she talked our ear off for almost 2 hours, but i had a great time. she told us these wonderful stories of when she lived in italy. it was awesome. her walk with the Lord is so close and it blessed me so much. she told us how hard it was for her to not be able to come to church anymore and she started crying. the doctors told her there is nothing more they can do for her and she knows that only God can heal her now. but she also realizes that God might choose not to heal her and she is ok with that. it's amazing. we prayed for her and her and her husband were so grateful we came. it was a great afternoon!

it snowed last night. not too much, but enough to keep me inside. i fell asleep watching tv and finally made it up to my bed around 10.

now i'm at work and i'm freeeeeeeeeeezing. and i have tons of work to do, but i really wanted to update.

ok i'm done. :) hope everyone has a good week.
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jami smith- your love is deep
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ok... i hate quizzes... and i hate it when people post them... but this one was pretty and i actually have this picture on my computer desktop and found it funny that's what my result said.

so yeah.

Which "Natural Wonder" are you?

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mmm yeah. i'm really tired. i should be in bed. tomorrow will be a long day... like every other day.

i need some excitement in my life. lol. life can be so routine sometimes. it sucks. i just want to enter the next phase of my life. but i can't.

i went to roz's talent show tonite with kate, declan, lyr and jesse. it was fun. then lyr and i went out to dinner. we had fun. :) thanks for dinner babe.

now i'm gonna go to bed.

i forgot how much i loved my lifehouse cd.

how can i stand here with you... and not be moved by you... ahhhh yes

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