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March 12th, 2002

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I realize I havent updated about anything that past few days. Lets go back to Friday. After work I went over to kates (not my sister kate- my friend kate). We went and got some dinner, went back to her house, and wendy & emanuele came over. Then we all went together over to cathys. shes one of the leaders of our bible study group. She had this whole setup in her basement with music equipment and stuff. It was pretty cool. So we hung out down there working on worship songs. I played the guitar for the first time in a looooooooooooong time. I forgot how much I missed it and I was surprised by how much I remembered. It was great. Now I just need to get a guitar. I still havent gotten a replacement after we gave mine away to the missionaries from mexico. My mom and I need to go do that. I really wanna start playing again.

So I had fun on Friday. We got pizza and ended up hanging out there till 11:30. It was more fun than I thought it would be, so that was good. :)

Saturday I went to work and it was so busy! There were lots of customers in the store. We stayed there till 2. Then kate and I went out to ross. I didnt buy anything. Oh wait yes I did. I bought a really pretty box to keep stuff in and a new journal. Kate got clothes of course. Haha. We went to the christian bookstore thats where I got all my new cds.

Came home I dyed my hair back to more of my normal color. Its not noticable at all, but it looks more even now so thats good. Kate went and picked up declan and we went to caln and had dinner. We came home and watched fast and the furious on pay per view. I hadnt seen it before and I really liked it! It was good. Kate fell asleep!

Sunday morning I had to get up early to be at church an hour early to practice for this little easter performance thing theyre putting together. All I have to do is recite scripture. Not too hard. :) I got to sing on the worship team again! Yay! Its kind of nice being a sub. So far Ive gotten to sing almost every week cause theres always 1 person missing. Haha. Not bad. It was fun.

I had to teach Sunday school again. That went alright except the kids were a little distracted. They just couldnt pay attention. But we made it through somehow.

After church kate and I went to caln again and had lunch. Then I went to the guys basketball game for the church. I got to talk to josh for a little bit so that was nice. Hopefully he wont wait so long to visit again. :) they lost the game but I had fun. They have another game tonite Ill probably go to. I like keeping the books there. Its fun.

Sunday night lyryn and I went to the bridge at calvary. It was good but both of our minds were elsewhere. We went and got dinner afterwards and talked for a while. It was nice.

Yesterday work was insanely busy as Mondays usually are. After work lyryn and I went with our mary kay (makeup) consultant to king of prussia. We got to be her models and they put a new style of makeup on us and paraded us around in front of the other ladies there. Haha. It was fun though! Theyre all super nice so it was cool.

Work is so busy today, too. It never ends. Oh well.

I think I wrote enough.

Time for lunch! :)
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