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March 7th, 2002

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lyryn + susan + windex + my office = CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!


work was slow today so we cleaned my/our office and it's so nice now!!!!! i haven't cleaned it since we've been here which is ohhhhhhhhh 15 months. haha. shutup.

so it's nice now. i should take a picture of it clean. impressive i tell ya.

ok back to work...

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ab class was good tonite... but a little tougher than usual. i pushed through and i made it. haha. it was good.

so kate and i decided to go watch the church basketball game. kate and i drove seperately and about 2 minutes before i got to the church she called me and was like "mom just called me and said josh is in town and will be at the game." i was just at the gym! i looked like crap. haha. oh well.

so we went. he was there. i wouldn't let him hug me cause he was all sweaty. haha. it was cute. almost forgot how much fun he was to flirt with. ;) so hopefully i'll see him again this weekend! neato.

i'm tired. tomorrow's friday! hooray!

and tomorrow's my half birthday. hooray again! lol

goodnite! :)

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