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February 18th, 2002

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i worked 11 1/2 hours today. that's a hell of a long time. no wonder i was going a little crazy towards the end. unbelievable.

i was thinking today about life... and what i want out of it. i have so many dreams... so many things i want to accomplish. and some of them are just small things. i wasn't even really worried about how i was gonna do it, either. i know God's gonna grant me the desires of my heart if i keep my focus on Him. so that's what i need to do. :)

i had a dream the other nite i was pregnant... and i had a baby... and it scared me! i realized how not ready i am to be a mother. obviously. but still... it was so weird. i can't wait to be a mom but this dream was just nuts. i don't know where it came from... but it was just weird.

so yeah.

after work i hit up the craft store and bought tons of stuff. came home and ate some chinese. chicken&broccoli=yum. then i worked on some things for the memorial service. each family gets to make "memory boards." so i started one with pictures of just my dad and uncle greg. it turned out good. i can't wait to make the rest.

we were going through my uncle greg's desk today and we found this cd and when i put it in the pc there was TONS of pictures on it. over 100... no lie. pictures of him, my aunt, the kids. it was so awesome. i don't know when he put it together but it was so touching. it really blessed my mom and dad to get to see it, too.

i'm super super tired. why am i online? oh yeah. updating. right.

jim comes home on wednesday! yay!!!! i miss my brother! it's gonna be so great to see him again and just get to chill. i can't wait.

we got my grandparents a cell phone today. i gotta teach 'em how to use it now. :)

alright. i'm tired. i'm gonna go to bed. goodnite!

oh wait. i forgot. i was thinking in the car today about what song to sing at the memorial service and i was just praying and asked God to show me what to do- then it came in my head. "have faith in God." that's what i'm gonna sing. it's perfect. i'm excited. it's gonna be great. :)
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