February 16th, 2002

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i so do not want to be at work right now. it is so nice outside. and here i am... stuck at my desk... again. no work next saturday! but that's only cause of uncle greg's memorial service. so it's good, but not good.

yesterday was a long day. work just dragged and at the end it was super stressful. i was getting pissy because i had to fix everyone's mistakes and it was driving me crazy. it took me an extra hour just to fix everything. grr.

so then me, kate, lyr and declan decide to go out. we drove all the way to king of prussia. we decide to eat at this new italian restaurant called "maggiano's" and it was really good. nice and fast. we walked around the entire KoP mall. upstairs and downstairs. i bought 1 sweater at a&f for 15 bucks. that makes 2 things i own from that store. i never shop there. the sweater's really itch tho and it's bugging me. oh well.

so i came home... was a super nice sister and didn't fight kate for the computer. in fact i didn't get on at all. go me. watched episodes of making-the-band on mtv. fell asleep on the couch... off and on. finally went upstairs to my own bed at 3:30.

and here i am.

after work kate and i have to go over to danny's to get ready for the song we're singing at church tomorrow. so hopefully that goes over good.


i'm done.
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