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February 14th, 2002

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i didn't even realize i didn't post yesterday. i was sooooooo busy at work. we all stayed until 8 o'clock just finishing stuff up. it's amazing how missing 1 day of work can set you back so much.

so we all stayed till 8 and then went to red robin. it was me, my mom, stevie, kate, declan and lyryn. my dad was at the firehouse for a meeting. we had fun at the restaurant. we laughed so hard about the dumbest things. thank God for joy.

came home and hung around the house... watched some tv... got online for just a little bit... stayed up talking to my parents till after 12.

jimmy's coming home next week! i'm so happy about that. i miss my older brother. it's hard not having him around. but he'll be home wednesday to sunday.

aunt peg called me this morning and told me she definately wants me to sing at the memorial service. so i just have to pick a song. she wants me to do some kind of worship song from church. i have a few in mind. and pastor bruce really wants kate and i to sing this rebecca st. james song in church on sunday. i'm not a huge fan of her, but if that's what he wants- we'll do it. so the songbook i ordered came in. i gotta get together with danny so he can play the guitar for us. so that'll be good once we get everything together.

today isn't gonna be as busy. i can already tell. i'm all dressed up in red... and my black pants. i can't wait to give out my valentines presents to my friends/family. yay! presents are awesome. haha.

probably going out with mah' girls tonite. that'll be fun... wherever we go.

alright. back to work i go..

ciao for now.
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