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February 1st, 2002

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mom came in my room at 7:30 and asked if i wanted to go out to breakfast with her and my dad. i was already awake so i said yes. just had a quick breakfast, but it was nice.

now i'm at work... i'm just happy it's friday. why? i don't know. maybe cause that means it's the weekend... and i have my one day off... i have church... and don always calls me on the weekend! haha. always looking forward to that. :)

pat got his tongue pierced... ugh. all he does is play with it! that's gonna drive me nuts.

... work

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awake awake
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works' been really quiet... no phone calls. it was so nice. someone just realized we never changed the phone system over from night to day. when it's on night they automatically go into the voicemail system. my mom had 45 voicemails. haha.


at least most of the morning was peaceful... lol

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amused amused
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work was actually not stressful today! thank God. it was so great for once. haha

kate left on her little weekend trip with the youth group. i don't think she wanted to go... but she'll have fun i'm sure!

there is absolutely nothing to do on friday nites anymore... so boring. so me and lyr got chinese and rented a bunch of movies... don't rent say it isn't so or whatever that movie is called. so so dumb. and bubble boy. kinda cute but dumb.

now stevie and her are watching shrek...

i'm tired but i don't wanna go to bed just yet...

love is patient... love is kind... Lord help me...

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listless listless
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