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January 19th, 2002

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i had a good day yesterday...

after work kate, lyryn, and i went out to eat at chi-chi's. the waitress told us we looked familiar... haha. maybe cause we eat there so much! it was good. we had fun.

after that we went to target! i got more pjs... a new belt... new shoes... a picture frame... new socks... smints! somehow i spent 100 bucks. haha. oh well!

then we took kate to get her car... she went home. then lyr and i went to pep boys cause she had to exchange her rims she bought for her car. i bought a new air freshener for my car. it's so gay but it smells good! lol

then we went to mustard seed (our christian bookstore) and i bought a couple books and jennifer knapp's new cd... which i'm not sure i like... i need to listen to it more.

then we went to the movies and saw royal tenenbaums. it was funny. very random... but good. for the most part people played their parts pretty well. we laughed so that was good. talked to don for like 1 minute before the movie started.

went home... stayed up till 2 talking on here. had a very nice conversation with don- as always. :)

so here's where it gets interesting. a while back kate had ordered this stuff of the tv. it's this cream to remove hair. they sent one specifically for facial hair so the other day kate used it on her upper lip and it worked good. so i figured last nite that i'd try it. i did. i broke out. oh yes. and it hurts like hell. stop laughing! it hurts. nothing a little makeup couldn't cover but it still sucks. i didn't think i'd have a problem with it cause my face never breaks out from stuff... and especially cause kate didn't have a problem. guess i was wrong. oh well.

got up this morning and did my hair all nice. it looks good. and it's SNOWING!!!! but i'm at work. :( i just wanna be relaxing at home! not working! especially since it's snowing...

hopefully we won't have to stay too late.

i wonder how much snow we're gonna get. the amount keeps changing according to the weather people. we'll see i guess.

alright i need to do some work!
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