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January 12th, 2002

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went to sleep at 3:30 this morning... here i am at 10 at work.

i had fun. talked to don forever which is always nice. played some scrabble and go fish. he beat me, too. oh well.

no plans for today except work right now. i need to get my nails redone though. they look so crappy.

i'm getting tired of the same old thing. i want some excitement or diversity in my life. i swear it's so routine. but i'm stuck... sorta. so here i'll stay. ...

i'm really really thirsty. i'm gonna send kate to wawa to get me some food. haha.

i hope the store isn't busy today. that would suck. i'm so not in the mood for a million customers.

oh yeah- watched rushmore last nite. i liked it. it was different, but very good. i also watched america's sweehearts. it was alright. just your typical romantic comedy i guess.

and that's all folks..

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