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January 6th, 2002

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yesterday was a pretty good day. i worked all day and it was really busy but i got a whole lot done so that's good. i went in and knew what i wanted to accomplish and i did just that.

then i came home and did nothing. some people came over to hang out and watch movies... but i didn't really hang out with them. haha. talked to don on the computer for a while. then he called and i think we talked for over 3 hours on the phone. it went by really fast though. we were both kind of untalkative but it was still nice to talk. i miss him.

church was really good today. it went by really fast, too which isn't normal. after church we had dance practice for about an hour. got a lot accomplished there, too. we're dancing on wednesday at this big christian high school in lancaster for their chapel service. that should be pretty neat. we get to perform in the fine arts center which is such an awesome stage setup. so many bands have performed there and i think it's gonna be such a neat experience to get to dance there.

and now it's kinda raining/sleeting... something like that. i dunno. i think i'm going out to dinner now with kate, lyryn, brent & declan. cause they're all bored and i guess getting out of the house for a little can't do me any harm. oh yeah i think i have to bring stevie, too. poor kid hasn't eaten all day. we probably won't be out long though. i don't wanna be on the roads when they freeze and get all slick.

so that's my update in a nutshell.

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well so much for going out to dinner.

the roads are kinda slick. we turned around and came back. it's all slushy and stuff.

so yup. home now.

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now i'm really bored. they're saying 1-3 inches of snow today. woo and hoo.

once you're out of school snow just isn't as exciting... and my dad always finds a way to get us into work...

i need to find sooooomething to do.

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