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December 30th, 2001

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alright. feeling much better. church was really good today. pastor bob (our founding pastor) came to church and spoke. he's battling cancer, but he's doing really well. it was such an encouragement to see him at church and everything he talked about today was just what i needed to hear. it was great.

after church i took kate and stevie to caln pizza and we had lunch (my treat). :)

i went to the movies with my mom and lyryn tonite. we saw kate&leopold. it was cute... kinda not real but still cute. it wasn't as funny as i was hoping it would be, but it was definately romantic... so yeah...

then my mom and i went out and grabbed some dinner. we got to talk about some things i've really been wanting to talk about and she was really supportive. it was really good. i'm glad we got that time together. it was much needed.

so now i'm home! i think i only have to work a half a day tomorrow. yay!

i think i'll go read a book now... or do something productive. ;)
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ok. i decided i needed to post a few pics from the other week when don was here. so i'm gonna give you the links for the pics if you wanna see them. hopefully he doesn't mind. ;)

first- don and i at chi-chi's. awww cute. ;)

second- don, kate, lyryn, and i on our own little "christmas" nite where we exchanged gifts.

third- just don. this was taken at a restaurant in dc when we went to visit his friend cave. i love this one! too cute.

fourth- don and i at my church's christmas banquet... of course he had to make a goofy face. boys!

- don and my little brother stevie just hanging out. another cute one. :)

and that's all i'm gonna post for now. :)
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