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December 22nd, 2001

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i think my body is just getting used to the lack of sleep. i'm not real tired right now and i only got 6 hours of sleep. ooooooooo well.

i'm at work. lame. don's here with me. hopefully we won't have to stay too long. let's pray it's quiet in here cause i really don't want to be here and i know he doesn't either.

yesterday was pretty cool. we worked all day and left a little early. came home and watched don and stevie play video games for a while. then we decided we wanted to go to chi-chi's for dinner. so me, kate, don and stevie went. it was fun. i got a little hurt by one comment that was made and i tried to brush it off cause i knew i was being dumb about it. i just wish i didn't let things bother me the way they do. i just need to accept myself for who i am and not dwell on my faults. i dunno.

we came home and lyryn came over. then the 4 of us (kate, me, don and lyryn) exchanged gifts. don got me this cool metal cross with a sun/moon in the middle. i like it a lot. lyr got me all kinds of cool stuff and a couple pictures in frames. don actually liked what i got him! amazing. i was all worried he was gonna hate it. i got him a build-a-bear. there's a store in the mall here where you build a bear specifically for someone and i tried to make his all super cute. he was holding it all night. haha. it was cute. so i'm thinking that means he likes it. let's hope. i also got him fiona apple cause he misplaced his cd and he said how much he really likes it. so yeah.

we hung out till 12:30 and then lyryn and i stayed up talking in my room till almost 2. we were both crying about all kinds of things and just getting some things out. i appreciate that girl so much and it hurts me to see her hurting. so we talked for a while and then i prayed for her for a while. eventually we fell asleep.

i got up this morning... actually did my hair nice. took me some extra time but i think i turned out alright. ;)

today is a christmas party at my uncles. then we have to get my brother from the airport- i can't wait to see him! then i don't know what we're gonna do. hopefully we'll go out or something. i can't believe this is don's last nite here. it sucks bad but i guess i just need to deal. he's gotta go back home sometime right? yeah.

i'm decreasing productivity. must get back to work.
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