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December 21st, 2001

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dangit i wish i'd written down every thing i've done this week cause i want to remember it... but i didn't. i suck. oh well.

let's see... been working a whole hella lot this week. as usual i guess. making money so it's all good. don's come to work with me every single day. we put him to work. he picked up so fast. the fact that we were at worked sucked but it was still nice just to be with him. and lyryn's been working all week so it's been fun. we might be having some sort of christmas party today... we'll see.

i don't want don to go home. i like having him here and i hate thinking about the fact that in a couple days he's gonna go home and go back to his normal routine and i won't be there to be a part of it. i don't mean that in a weird way. i just wish things could stay how they are now. i like hanging out with him and staying up late talking... and wrapping presents... and listening to his music... gosh this week went by so freaking fast. 1 week is definately not long enough.

last night i went and saw lord of the rings with brent, declan, kate, don, stevie and stevie's friend brian. it was awesome. i liked it a lot. there was some lame kids in the theater that thought it was funny to throw candy at us. don got up and moved cause it was bothering him. the last half hour of the movie just draaaaaagged. but it was good. i wanna see it again so i can see all the stuff i missed. ;)

my new car rocks. i love it. it's so nice to drive and so pretty! don took a picture of me with it last nite. hopefully it'll turn out good. we got some pictures from this week developed already. they turned out cute. i'll post them when i have time.

i'm hoping maybe to get out of work early today. i really wanted to take don down to the inner harbor in baltimore before he left. i don't know if we'll get to. we still need to make cookies and exchange gifts and all that good stuff.

hopefully more to follow...
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i'm really tired.
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