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December 16th, 2001

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sorry for the lack of updates this weekend. i know you're all extremely disappointed. haha.

ok so don's here and it rocks. i'm really enjoying having him here. it's super cool and he's such a gentleman. i swear. it's so nice to have someone get out and pump your gas without you asking or walking ahead and opening doors for you. nice stuff. i'm not used to it but it makes me feel pretty darn good.

we've been staying up late... getting up early. it's like a never ending slumber party. haha. it's cool cause sometimes we get these weird moments where we realize like he's here and it's kinda funny. but i'm definately liking it. kate's been ditching us so me and don have been chillin. it's all good. i'm slowly opening up more. i think so at least...

it's easy to be open on the computer. the real test is in person. i'm doing alright.

ok well i'm gonna goooooooooooo.


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