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December 12th, 2001

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oooohhh why do i let dumb stuff bother me? i always blow things out of proportion and most of the time i'm wrong and i end up getting hurt for no reason. and this isn't just one particular thing. i do it all the time. i think i'm just doomed to fail. like when things seem to be going great there's this mechanism inside that goes "oh no susie's doing well- must throw some crap in her face." yeah. oh well.

i need a pick me up! now!

2 days till don gets here! that's good news. i'm excited about that. :) sure it's kinda nerve wracking meeting someone you've only talked to online and on the phone but that's the adventure of it. haha. i'm sure it'll be great.

today is one busy busy day. i'll be glad when christmas is over... just cause i want work to slow down some! it's been crazy around here.

ok i need to go back to work.

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hey guys. please pray for my uncle greg. he has a blood clot in his lung which cut off a lot of his oxygen supply. not good. so please pray for him. thanks.
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i just dont know.


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work was very busy today but we got a whole lot done! it was good. i was typing so super fast. i wonder how many words i can type a minute? probably a whole lot. lol.

after work i went to the mall with my mom, kate and stevie. we got a lot of shopping done. it was good. i got my brother's fiance's presents so i'm almost done now. kinda. i didn't get my brother anything yet. i'll find something and if not i'll get him a gift certificate to somewhere.

i'm tired. i need to go help my dad with the firehouse fund drive. he has to open all the envelopes and sort the checks and stuff.


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