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December 11th, 2001

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sore throat. cough. stuffiness


not good

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crappy crappy
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this morning on my way to work i was listening to the same philly station i usually listen to in the mornings and the same one that i ilstened to on 9-11 and first heard about about the wtc attack. today they were talking about it again cause it's been 3 months and people were calling in and sharing their feelings. this one girl called and immediately started crying. she talked about how her brother was a port authority police officer and passed away. i listened to her talk and i just started crying. i couldn't help it. all these emotions just flooded me. i could feel the pain of this girl, but at the same time i can't. i can't even imagine what she went through yet she was so strong and so proud of her brother. it was amazing. so many people have been affected and yet so many in a lot of ways are unaffected. life is crazy sometimes.

God is good though. despite all of this. it's just unreal sometimes the way things change. i just keep thanking God for His mercy. we certainly don't deserve it, but yet each day He gives us more. wow.

"Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. ~lamentations 3:22-23

it's tuesday already!

today is busy but it's not too bad. lyryn will be in this afternoon so that'll be good.

i should be getting my car any day now. i can't wait!
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anxious anxious
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ok. tuesday down. wednesday, thursday and friday to go. :)

i got my nails re done at lunch today. they're really short. i like it that way.

after work i came home. kate and i sat in the kitchen and talked about stuff that was on our mind. it's good to have someone you can spill your guts too about anything. pretty nice.

then i went to kmart and bought some odds & ends. came home and hung up the rest of my pictures and a shelf on my wall. got to use my daddy's power tool! haha! go me! it's a teeny bit crooked but you can't tell. shhh don't tell anyone. it looks good though. i still don't have room for all my picture frames. haha. oh well. i'm gonna have to make some room that's all!

so now i'm on here. i'm tired. i should probably go to bed.. but i won't.

i think i need me some five o'clock people. yes sir that sounds good.


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blah blah
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