December 9th, 2001

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well i woke up this morning and i felt like total crap. i could hardly breathe and i was so congested. it was horrible. so i decided not to go to church. it's rare that i stay home from church. it's probably been 2 years since i've done that. kate took my place in sunday school today cause i was supposed to help teach. that was nice of her.

i slept aaaaaaaall morning. i was just so beat. i feel a little bit better now. i'm probably gonna go to the doctor tomorrow and get some meds cause i need to rid of this cold. it's no fun being sick.

no plans for today! kate and stevie went christmas shopping. that's about it.
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on swing

once again- another faithful update

let's see...

my dad, kate, stevie and i went out to get our christmas tree today. we got a real nice one. it's very pretty. i love real trees! they smell so good. forget the artificial stuff- gimme the real thing. ;) much homier. haha.

so we brought it home and attempted to put it up. it was very amusing to say the least. we had some troubles and when we first thought we had it, it started to tip- whoops! haha. we finally got it to stay up and decorated it. it looks nice. our tree is so cute cause it's decorated with all these old ornaments all us kids made when we were little. there's no real "style" to the tree but it's great cause it's filled with so many memories! awwwwwwww. precious. i love it.

i can't wait to have my own family and put up my kids ornaments. but i will wait. ;)

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i watched sleepless in seattle with my mom tonite. do you know i've never seen that movie in its entirety? i know i'm lame. it was excellant. i love romantic movies. haha. my mom and i watched the wedding planner last nite. i love that movie! i watched it and then went to sleep with the soundtrack playing. yes i'm a sap and darn proud of it. someday i WILL be swept off my feet. you'll see... ;)

i got so much sleep last night and now i'm all wide awake...

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