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December 8th, 2001

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today was just another day i suppose. work was busy as usual. kate and i left at 7. we decided to drive a little further and go to a different mall that's about 40 mins away. this mall is huuuuuuuuuge. i ended up coming back with only 2 christmas presents but at least i got 2! i got don's present and kate's. yeah kate was with me but oh well. she really wanted this watch so i bought it for her. turns out it was 75 bucks! i still got it. i'm such a good sister! haha. i need to remind her of that next time she yells at me which will probably be in about... oh 8 hours.

kate and i were walking around the mall and we decided to go in this one toy store and we walk in and there's 6 of my friends from church. it was weird that we all went to the same mall tonite and out of all the millions of stores in this mall (it really is huge) we were in the same one. pretty cool. cora (one of my friends we saw) has a little baby and he is soooooooo super cute. he is just so happy and is always smiling. i love it. he made my night.

then kate and i went to eckerd and got some random stuff. overall it was fun. kate and i were jamming to the radio in the car. we always do. it's fun. we know we can both belt out the song without either one being bothered. we're gonna have to control that when don comes. haha.

ok well i'm working tomorrow and i have tons of stuff to do the rest of this weekend so i need to get some rest!!!!!

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listless listless
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i feel accomplished. i cleaned the family room tonite. kate cleaned our bathroom. yay! we worked all day till 5. the store was busy today!!! my oh my! it felt like kmart. lol. but it's good that business is good. so yeah.

so now i'm home. i think i'm gonna stay in tonite. i'm a dork. my bible study is hanging out at chrissy's tonite. i don't really wanna go cause i'm just tired. so i probably won't. i'm sure i'll be better after the holidays but right now things are just really stressful and i just wanna relax.

i stained my 2 shelves i wanna hang up in my room. so i can probably hang them tomorrow. then i'll hang the rest of my picture frames on my wall. i'm doing laundry, too. wow i'm efficient tonite! and i think my mother is actually making dinner!!!! wow! haha. we never eat at home anymore. there is absolutely like no food in my house. we need to go food shopping before don gets here. lol.

speaking of which- don's mom sent us this cool chili pepper wreath. haha. it's nice. i could tell my mom was touched. she got all these tears in her eyes and she was so surprised she'd send her something. too sweet. my mom needed a pick-me-up today. that was really nice.

i think kate's going over to lyryn's. i really just wanna chill at home tonite so i don't think i'm gonna go.

alright i'm hungry so i'm gonna go!
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hungry hungry
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christmas music!!!
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awwwwwwww rock.

don just called. what a nice boy.

only 6 days till he comes. awesome.

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grateful grateful
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i made me a root beer float. mmmmmm good.

mom and i went to kmart tonite. woohoo! i helped her get some christmas shopping done. i wanted to go there just cause you can check yourself out. it's so cool.


good times.

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jubilant jubilant
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