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December 6th, 2001

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today is my lj one year anniversary!!! amazing. i can't believe i've kept up with this for so long. i've met some awesome people through this and made some really great friends. thank you guys for all the support and encouragement you've given me. i am so blessed!

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congratulations to me! haha.

thank God it's thursday. that means only 1 week and 1 day till don comes! i can't wait. it's gonna be fun fun fun!

our dance team is performing tonite for this one organization's christmas banquet. should be fun.


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holy crap it's noon already.

i've hardly gotten anything done today cause the phones have been ringing constantly.


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getting ready to leave work (a little early praise God). we're all meeting to rehearse at 5:30 tonite. i think the program starts at 6. something like that. and it's over at 8. nice and short. lovely.

i still have piles and piles on my desk but i'll get through it eventually. i hope... haha. no i will. i'll be in saturday so hopefully i can knock a bunch of stuff out then. that would be good.


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cynical cynical
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sometimes i wish i didn't think so much. i can be so judgemental and have such high expectations at the same time. and i'm always disappointed. always. i'm a freaking sap.


my head hurts really really bad. it's been hurting all night. that sucks.

i'm glad tomorrow's friday... except i'll be at work all day saturday... so that doesn't leave for too much fun this weekend.

my dad said he wants our family to start bowling regularly... umm... ok.. ??? i guess that sounds kinda cool. i mean, my dad kate and i are pretty good bowlers so i guess that would be fun. i like bowling. we'll see if it happens. they just renovated our bowling alley here and apparently it's pretty nice now. it used to be all ghetto'ed out before. it was just lame.

aaaaaaaaaaanyways. tonite was pretty cool. we did 2 of our dances. everybody loved "creation calls." it's such a beautiful, quiet, peaceful song. when we broke out our ribbons you could hear all the kids in the audience just go "ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh." it was so cute. there was probably a couple hundred people there. it was packed! they cheered super loud for us so i guess that's good. i just pray we touched someone tonite and at least one person opened their heart up to God because of the piece. who knows? only God. ;)

boooooooooooooooooo. i hate the way i think sometimes. !.!.!.!.!.

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frustrated frustrated
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my head really hurts.


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