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November 28th, 2001

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i am in another surprisingly good mood today. go figure. i even got my period today and i still feel ok! haha. lyryn came in and helped me out at work today. my parents offered her a job here and i think she's gonna take it. she does good here and whether she realizes it or not- is really a big help.

i had pizza for lunch... again.

bible study tonite. not sure if i'm gonna go. it depends on how i feel. trying to keep myself drugged up so as to avoid major cramps today. hopefully that will work. we'll see. i didn't go to bible study 2 weeks ago and it was my turn to bring snack. whoops. hope nobody's mad. haha. they can live without snack once. ;)

oh well something else should have ruined my day. i'm not getting my car till the 11th or 12th of december because the leasing company is slow as molasses and is taking their good old time. i should be pissed, but i'm not. at least i'm getting it and i'll have it by the time don gets here so i don't have to drag him around in my dinky little tercel. 3 cheers for a new red car! haha

ok i guess i'll go back to work now.

hope everyone else is having a great day!
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five for fighting- superman
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time to grab my heating pad, crawl into bed and go to sleep. ahhh that sounds so good right now.


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