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November 26th, 2001

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so much freaking work to catch up on it's ridiculous!!!! i don't know how i'll ever catch up. this is nuts. just one thing at a time i guess. my oh my. our shipper's gone. that sucks. the other kid that does shipping is so unreliable. my dad just comes up to me and goes "guess we'll be putting in a lot of hours over the next couple weeks." GREAT! just what i wanted! forget christmas. how are we supposed to even get ready for christmas let alone shopping. nice...

craziness. pure craziness. we need help... fast. i hope my dad finds someone to replace mike (the shipper that quit) and soon. with christmas coming up this business gets nuts.

oh well. i'm still surprisingly in a good mood. who knows how long that will last. at least i made it to don's babe page. haha. even tho it's a lame pic of me. oh well. thanks bud.

ok... must work now...

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energetic energetic
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since my client doesn't want to work i guess i'll update thru the site. why is it nobody's on aim right now? well technically i have 14 buddies on... but lots have away messages up and others i just don't talk to that often... bah humbug.

mom and i left work around 7:30 tonite. still have lots of work to do but it'll be there tomorrow... just the way i left it. oh joy of joys. we went out to dinner at ruby tuesday's. we stopped at the craft store and i got some markers and an ink pad for my new nifty difty stamps i bought at kerstin's "stamp party." so i attempted to create some cards tonite. boy i suck. i thought i'd be all good at it, but it's tougher than it looks... seriously. oh well. maybe i'll get better with time. too bad i don't have much time to sit around and just make pretty things with stamps.

i'm in the mood to write... maybe i'll write some letters or something. they're so much better than email- at least in my opinion. getting snail mail takes much more effort.

anyways... had some good conversation today. hope i didn't stick my foot in my mouth TOO much today. oh well. i am who i am and i can't really change that. though sometimes i wonder what it's like to be someone else... live their life... be in their body. does anyone else ever think of that? i'm sure you do. i guess i just need to be content with who i am cause that's who God created me to be- right!?! :)

i've been in such a weird mood today. like i was happy for no reason at all, but then certain things really got me upset that shouldn't have but i let them bother me. i guess i was just being weird. i dunno.

ok well i guess i'll head to bed. :)
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artistic artistic
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