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November 17th, 2001

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hey guys!

i'm updating from wonderful tulsa oklahoma. my family got here tonite around 7. it was a looooooooong drive. (about 21 hours). so we're pretty pooped. the drive was ummm interesting. we hit fog all the way through ohio last nite for about 7 hours. my dad and i were the only ones up and it was just crazy. right before we got to tulsa tonite we came up on an accident that had just happened. we pulled over and my dad got out and helped the firefighters.... so it set us back a little bit but that was alright.

we got here... they kinda messed up our rooms. no biggie. my brother came to the hotel and we went out to dinner and had mexican. then we went and picked up his fiance kesh and we saw jim's apartment which is so awesome. it's really nice. then we came back here...

i'm so tired... we have to get up early for church so i should get some sleep...

and the aim on this computer is not working!!!! grrrr!

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