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November 15th, 2001

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the car is mine! i'll have it before the 1st of the december!!! oh yeah! my parents are giving me $5000 for my tercel- i'm putting in $4000 of my own savings and then my parents are gonna pay the last $3000 and i just have to pay them back in 2 years which will be nice and easy. i'm just glad i don't have to go out and get a loan and all that stuff. such a pain. this is way easier. oh yeah i'm blessed!

volleyball playoffs start tonite!!! i'm excited and i really want to win!

ooohhh it's nice to have a little color on me now. i hate being so pale in the winter. yuck.

i have a feeling it's gonna be a good day!!!!

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determined determined
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turns out i'm getting the car today!!!!


i gotta go to the bank and transfer some money. then my dad and i are going to the dealership to sign for the car and it's mine!

i gotta go!

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we went to get the car and it turns out the lady had a smart buy not a smart lease (whatever the difference is) and so now we can't buy it from the dealership we have to buy it from the leasing company which means 7-10 days till i get my car!!!!

this sucks.

i was all stoked, too. i got to drive it to the dealership and i programmed the radion stations and everything and now i have to wait...

seems i'm getting to be good at that...

bummer. this bites.

but on a good note- my dad told the guy at the dealership he wanted free pinstriping for the trouble they'd caused and he said yes- so at least i get free prinstriping... *sigh*

up and down and up and down... today has been... up and down and up and down...

time to get some work done...

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annoyed annoyed
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man oh man.

well the good news- we won our volleyball game tonite. we won the first game 15 to 0. we lost the 2nd game and then we took the 3rd and 4th. we played great. i had such a good nite. i was very proud of myself. it was great.

the bad news- now i've got a decision to make. do i go to tulsa with my family tomorrow for a week? or do i stay and play with the rest of my team in the next round of volleyball playoffs. obviously it seems i should go with my family cause i know it's just a game... but volleyball's really important to me and to be honest i think they'll have a tough time winning without me. now i know that sounds selfish but i don't mean it to. it's just that i'm a consistent setter for the guys and they need those spikes to win. so i don't know.

kate was crying after the game cause she knew i'd stay... i'm so torn. i love my family and i love being with them. i just know that whatever decision i make, i will disappoint someone and i HATE that. i hate disappointing people and letting them down... it's just horrible.

when i think i've made up my decision... something changes. i dunno.

i really think i should go...

God help me.
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