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November 13th, 2001

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i dreamt about josh last nite. i don't wanna dream about josh anymore... it sucks cause it was a good dream but i just don't know if i wanna keep "crushing" on him right now. it just seems so pointless. too bad dreams aren't really a mirror of reality... cause i felt very loved. oh well.

stayed up late last night typing names and addresses for a missionary from india. he's here in the states raising support and his mailing list needs updating so i offered. he also needs his newsletter reprinted so i offered to design that. might as well... about time i make some real good use of my time. i scanned some pics for it last night and started the layout. hopefully it'll turn out nice.

i took my dog snickers to the groomer this morning. he's never been before and i think he was a wee bit scared. he started crying when i was leaving. awwww. poor pup. he'll be ok. i can't wait to see how nice he'll look when she's done with him. it was funny cause when i dropped him off there was another lady dropping off this huge black lab and snickers was just growling at him and he's only 5 lbs. lol. he was dinner to that dog. it was funny. he tried sticking up for himself... haha

well that's all i have to say for now... thanks for taking my quiz guys. sorry the link didn't work exactly right but most of you seemed to figure it out. ;)

have a wonderful day!
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thankful thankful
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Breathe (live)- Michael W. Smith
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my dad knows this lady that has a 99 pontiac grand am that she's been leasing. she's turning it in this week. it's cherry red... fully loaded. sunroof, cd player, spoiler... ahhhh! i want that car! so my dad's working with the leasing company to try and get the car at a good price. he thinks he can get it for 12.5. and get this- the insurance is so much cheaper than if i would have gotten that other car... unreal. i hope i get it. that would be so awesome! my dad rocks for doing all this for me. :)

so pray everything works out. that would be so great. i could really use a new car and i know kate needs the one i have now to get around... so.. yeah. and it's red!!!! haha!

ok can't get excited yet. haven't gotten it yet. must pray...

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hopeful hopeful
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uuuuuugggghhhh. some people make me so angry. some of our customres are so super mean! i had one guy call and just completely yell at me. like it's my fault there's anthrax in the postal system so mail's been a little slower lately. sheesh. stupid guy. he got me all upset... i was crying when i hung up. i hate people like that. my dad was so mad at the guy... he wanted to talk to him but i hung up before he had the chance. usually i try not to let these people bother me but there's been so many today. and the phone's have been ringing like crazy.. it's nuts. it's just been a very stressful day and i haven't been able to get much of my work done at all cause the phone's have been going off the hook...

the good news is- looks like i'm getting the car for 12,2. what a steal. i'm so stoked. more details later.

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this house is cold. i swear there's something wrong with our heat. granted i kinda like being cold... it's better than hot any day. but still. this is just crazy.

i'm going to look at the car tomorrow night. i already know i want it. it's in such good condition. looks like my parents are gonna take out a home equity loan to pay for the car and then i can pay them off which would be nice cause the interest rates are so much lower than a car loan. and you can always pay it off sooner if you want. all that jazz.

work was just ridiculous today. it was seriously horrible. i hope tomorrow is better.

well that's all for now...

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ok. all these quizzes are getting out of control...

my friends list is on overload with them.

and i refuse to take them... lol

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