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November 10th, 2001

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why do my parents expect so much out of me? my mom just called and wants to know why i'm not at work! it's freaking saturday! i'm sick and tired of working every saturday... i've gone in the past 4 saturdays. it's just not fair to expect me to come in when i work all day monday through friday. my biggest issue is that they don't even ask. they just expect me to prance into work on saturday morning. there's stuff i need to do. i want to clean my room and finish hanging up my pictures on my one wall... i just don't feel like being at work. sometimes i feel like i live there.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

moving on...

kate and i went to target last nite and i got a little lamp for my nightstand, these really cool string lights that have stars and moons on them, a few more picture frames and a bookshelf (which i need to build today). then we went to dez's to see if she wanted to see a movie with us and she didn't so we went by ourselves. we had an hour to kill so we drove around and went into a couple furniture stores... why? hell if i know (haha)- we were bored. then we went to ac moore and i got 2 shelves for my wall (but i have to stain them today). then we went to the movie (shallow hal) and it was so crowded... i absolutely hate crowded movie theaters. and to top it off- the movie was so lame. the acting was horrible... even gwyneth paltrow (sp?). it was just soooooo dumb. the plot was cute and all, but the way they portrayed fat ppl was so mean. i felt bad for ppl that were watching that and might have been offended. yeah so don't waste your money on it. i think i laughed twice. lame.

kate and i came home and i strung up my lights and we sat in my room and talked for a while until i guess i feel asleep. lol. sorry kate! i do that sometimes. if my friends are over or somebody's talking to me while i'm in my bed and i'm really tired- i fall asleep. nothing personal. haha.

ok lyryn- i don't know what the heck your problem is with kate and i but i'm really getting sick of it. we need to talk because if we don't- i'm gonna explode. things need to get out cause this is ridiculous. we've done nothing to you and i'm sick of being treated like this. so let me know when you're free cause i don't wanna wait any longer. it's so immature and i'm tired of it.

that's all.

why is nobody ever on on saturdays... ? oh wait- everyone else has a life. i forgot. haha.

later y'all.
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