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November 9th, 2001

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so last night i went to the mall with katie and we took stevie along cause my parents were out. we went to wet seal and i got the softest pair of pajama pants. they are so nice. and i got this really lame shirt that i can wear to bed. then we went to express and i had those 2 $25 fast cash things so i got a new pair of black pants! they are so nice and fit really good. i also got this really pretty light green stretchy button up shirt and it ties in the back... it's really cute. so between kate and i we spent $140 but they took $50 off cause of our fast cash things and now when you use the fast cash you get 2 more so they took another 25 off! so i paid $67 for $140 worth of clothes. is that cool or what? amazing.

we ate dinner at the food court and then went home. watched some tv. got online and bothered don for a while... didn't get to bed till almost 1. thank God for this weekend. i need it. this week went by soooooooo fast! i can't believe it's friday already.

oh and i'm wearing my new pants today. they look good! my mom said they looked really nice. they make me look skinny... well.. ok not skinny cause i can't ever look "skinny" but they're slimming. lol. yeah that works i guess. and my hairs all nice cause i straightened it then curled it... ;)

i hope today will be a good day! i have dance practice tonite... here's to hoping we actually get something accomplished...

happy friday!
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predatory predatory
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watching over me- ffh
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no dance practice tonite! jane (our leader) forgot she had theater tickets so she had to cancel it. i kinda didn't want to have dance tonite, too just cause friday nights are rare and few and i wanna do something... so i better do something. lol.

lyryn- jane tried calling you and couldn't get a hold of you so if you're reading this (which i'm sure you will)- there's no practice. just so you know...

any good movies out tonite??? hmmm...

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relieved relieved
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michelle branch- everywhere
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