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November 6th, 2001

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just as i was about to get offline last nite, don got online... so i ended up staying on till 1. tsk tsk on my part cause i knew i had to get up for work. but it's all good. nice conversation is better than sleep any day... i think...

anyways. i managed to get up fine for work today and i'm not even tired! in fact, i'm really awake. today's going alright. it's not too bad here. busy- but going alright. i just had a guy get all pissy with me on the phone cause he hasn't gotten his order yet, but the mail's been dragging lately and i told him to just be patient. he just wanted to argue with me and i kept having to repeat myself. it was very frustrating. so finally i told him to wait till monday and call back if he hasn't gotten it yet and we could re-ship it then or credit him (whever he wanted). then i told him to have a nice day and hung up. lol. some people just want to fight! ridiculous.

i have absolutely no plans for tonite!!! isn't that exciting? lol. maybe i'll go to the mall cause i have a $50 gift certificate to express that needs to be spent.. haha. or maybe i'll just sit at home and do nothing like so many nites nowadays. lol.

ok it's time for lunch!

hope everyone's having a great day!

oh wait i forgot. this morning i was listening to the y100 morning show on my way to work and they were talking about young people that were making a committment to stay pure until marriage and some of the stuff they said was crazy! like how we're all being brainwashed by our parents and churches into believing sex is wrong- which outside of marriage it is! i tried calling in, but couldn't get through. one guy named ed called in. he was 19. he totally represented. i wanna marry him. he told them how it really was and how he just wanted to remain pure for his wife, etc. it was so cool! go ed! whoever you are! lol.

so yeah... that's all i wanted to say. more power to those of us that are willing to stand up for what we believe in when the rest of the world thinks we're crazy! at least we've got a cause worth fighting for and God will bless us for that! :)

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don just called me. that was so nice. i didn't really have a great nite and so it was nice to have someone to complain to. haha. thanks don! ;)

so i went to go look at the car i wanted tonite. got to test-drive it. it rides sooooooooo nice. we got financing prices and then left. after that my parents started arguing about work. i just sat in the back and wanted to cry cause i hate hearing them fight. we went and got dinner... it just wasn't the greatest nite.

came home and kate and my mom got heated about her driving... kate went upstairs. mom went out to go grocery shopping. so i was just like 'yeah....'

then don called and i complained and he listened like all good boys do. haha. such a sweet young man. :)

well now my stomach freaking hurts. what the crap is up with that? grrrr...

i wanna play dominoes on yahoo... so i think i will.


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