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November 2nd, 2001

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so many random thoughts running through my head this morning...

i don't even think i'll write them here because... well i think people wouldn't understand. i dunno. sometimes i wish i had someone i could just share my thoughts with and have them not laugh at me but actually understand me. i want someone that knows what i'm gonna say before i even say it. is that weird? i dunno. i want someone i can sit in silence with for hours and still feel like i had a wonderful conversation... i just want so much and i wonder if i'll ever get it. there's just so much life has to offer and i want to take advantage of everything. i want to be able to do everything and have no regrets... of course i'm sure that's impossible.

i just don't know.

anyways.... on a happier note- monsters inc. comes out today!!! i'm thinking about taking my little brother to go see it tonite because *news flash* i have no plans for this friday evening! what a surprise. lol. but i really really wanna see that movie, so i think that's what i want to do. it'll probably be packed with tons of little kiddies so i think i'd rather see a later show... we'll see.

i'm just too exciting for my own good. haha. sike.

i need to do some work...
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listless listless
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rebecca st. james- wait for me
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ok. so much for not having any plans tonite. turns out i have dance practice. woopie. i'm stoked. man i really wanted to see that movie. oh well...

i'm gonna share with you all a funny joke that my good pal don told me today and i found quite amusing!

what did one hat say to the other hat? - you stay here, i'm going on ahead.

HAHA! isn't that hilarious??? lol. i hope you found that as funny as i did...

happy friday!

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mischievous mischievous
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rebecca st. james- in me
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