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November 1st, 2001

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happy birthday rach! i doubt you read my journal but in case you do, i hope you have a very happy birthday! you're finally 18! have an awesome day! :) love ya!

well i finally got my horn fixed on my car and i got my oil changed... so yeah. that's good. now i'm at work and the fun begins.

i'm feeling much better today. thanks for the well wishes.

have a great day everybody!

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awake awake
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what's up with lj today? i can post from my client, but i can't seem to get to lj thru internet explorer. odd.

oh well. it'll get fixed soon enough i hope. :)

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gosh i am craving chocolate today... it's not even funny.

it doesn't help that i have a jar of candy on my counter which is supposed to be for customers but i keep finding my hand reaching in... lol. bad susie. haha


i wish i was cooler...


oh yeah- and mad props to my sister katie who got her license today on the first try (which is better than me). i'm so proud- *tear.* haha. way to go kate!

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well after work i went out to dinner with my parents and katie. we went to a new restaurant called the riverstone cafe. it was sooooooo good! expensive, but well worth it. we got calamari for an appetizer and it was delicious. i got crab cakes for dinner. let me tell you- i haven't had crab cakes that good when i'm not at the beach... and even these ones were just as good if not better than ones at the beach. i know you all care... haha.

so it was a nice dinner!

then we went home. i had to help my dad jumpstart his car cause his battery died.

and now i'm watching e.r.

my house is so cold.

as soon as e.r.'s over i'm going to bed!


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annoyed annoyed
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this stuff about the bridges is so lame. yeah let's just tell the terrorists what we think they're planning on doing... so when they do it, it won't be much of a surprise.

all it's doing is getting people worked up... oh wait i forgot- that's all the media in this wonderful country cares about. let's see how psycho we can make people... genius.


goodnite world.

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what the heck
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