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October 31st, 2001

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCUS!!! (if you still read this...) i hope you have a great day. no more teen years for you. no fair. i wanna be 20! haha. anyways, have fun today and be good. :)
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yay live journal's up and running. that's good. i'm glad they got everything fixed. had me worried for a little bit. ;)

yesterday was umm... yesterday. i worked, came home and ate dinner, went to my volleyball game. josh showed up- i didn't know he was coming. but he did. i had so much fun. we won all 3 games and we just all laughed and goofed around, but still did good. it was nice. everybody was getting along well. lyryn played great and her attitude was the best it's ever been- which helped a lot. :)

today is just gonna be a not-so-great day. i can already tell. lucky me got my period. that totally sucks. my legs hurt... so does my back. ahhh being a girl bites sometimes. i just wanna go home and sleep. i think i'll just stay in tonite instead of going out with my cell group. we'll see how i feel.


yeah that's it.

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nauseated nauseated
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well i stayed at work till noon. i told my mom i just couldn't stay any more cause i had horrible cramps... she completely understood. i got a lot of work done this morning though, so she didn't mind me going home. so now i'm at home. i've just been resting and taking advantage of my heating pad. i talked to mom and she said things are under control at work and i don't really need to come back in. i feel kinda bad but she said not to worry about it. not my fault.

so yeah... hopefully i'll start feeling better soon.

i'm gonna go lay down some more.

Current Mood:
uncomfortable uncomfortable
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i'm so freaking bored it's not even funny. i forgot how little there is to do when you're home sick.

i watched tlc all day. first a makeover story (which only reminded me how much i need one), then a dating story (which only reminded me that i don't have someone), then a wedding story (which only reminded me that without someone i won't be getting married anytime soon), and of course a baby story... you get the idea. yeah... depressing. lol.

kate and i went out and grabbed dinner at caln pizza. then we came home. i let her drive cause she's going for her license tomorrow. i hope she gets it so she doesn't have to go through what i went through when i tried to get my license. stupid parallel parking... don't get me started on that one.

yeah i was trying to figure out where don's been hiding and i remembered tony hawk 3 just came out and so did mj so yeah... occupido. haha

i'm so bored! i want someone to talk to! kate laid down on the couch half hour ago and fell asleep. and she doesn't have school tomorrow. i don't think that was her plan, but oh well. i'm sure she can use the extra zzzzzzzzz's.

i want some candy! i hope my little brother comes home soon from his party thing so i can steal some of his candy... haha.

i need a life.


Current Mood:
bored bored
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touched by an angel (on tv)
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