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October 28th, 2001

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ok so last nite kate, my mom and i went to the movies and saw 'on the line.' it was very cute and romantic... i liked it. it's not worthy of an emmy or anything but it was cute.

so i got up this morning and got ready for church... looked extra nice just cause i wanted to. kate and i led worship for the junior high kids. apparently once a month they're gonna have their own service so they asked us to do the worship this week. it went ok. church was awesome. we had a guest speak from ghana africa speak. he totally rocked. he talked about joshua and how each of us has our own jordan to cross in our own lives. it was very good. i took a lot of notes!

after church we went home. my mom made a really good lunch/dinner. she made pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans... it was yummy! after that i just kinda hung around at home... didn't do much. then matt called. he wanted kate and i to go watch some home movies some of the guys made on friday so we went. it was hilarious. we cracked up... it was nice to just laugh...

umm came home and didn't do anything. kate called don... he had to call back... and he did. kate talked to him for a little while. then i got on and we talked for like 2 hours. it was so nice! i had fun buddy! he was all chipper and he's making me another cd... yay! we were picking out the songs on the phone. i can't wait till he visits. it's gonna be sooooooooo much fun! :)

and that is all. this has been a very non-productive day... but that's what sunday's are all about. haha. it's actually been a really really long day. oh yeah my mom called josh this morning to invite him over for dinner (without telling me). all she got was his voicemail. he called back tonite and he was at penn state for the football game but he said he'd take a raincheck... yeah my mom loves that boy. i was teasing her about it yesterday. lol. it's all good. my mom's all like "you look so pretty today- i want him to see you." i love my mom. she just wants to see me with somebody and all happy and in love. it's nice of her. it'll happen someday...

i'm out.
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