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October 27th, 2001

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well last nite i left work and went straight to chrissy's house. the girls in my young adult bible study were having a sleepover. i kinda didn't wanna go but i did. thank God lyryn came though... i made her. haha. so we ate pizza and nachos and talked. then we went down in the basement and watched first knight! i forgot how much i liked that movie. i think that was the highlite of my evening. although it's kind of depressing to watch such a romantic movie and be surrounded by all girls... yeah...

well there was one boy there. haha. cora (a girl in my bible study) has a little boy named chase. he's only like 9 months. he's so cute!

so we watched that and then drank some apple-grape sparkling cider. it was yummy. then some of the girls wanted to watch another movie upstairs in kate's room (chrissy's older sister). i didn't want to so lyryn and i went into chrissy's room and chrissy came in and we talked for a couple hours... it was alright. lyryn was just psycho... haha. chrissy tells a story and just goes on and on and you listen patiently and when it's your turn to talk it's like she doesn't care what you have to say. grrr i hate that. oh well. it was kinda fun i guess. then i wanted to go to sleep so they went and watched the movie with the other girls and i went to sleep!!! yeah i know i'm a complete loser cause i was the first one to fall asleep but i worked ALL week and knew i had to work today. so yeah...

i got up around 9, went home and showered and now i'm here at work. fun fun. 6 days a week. oh yeah. what a nice life i lead. i'm a super-loser. yeah yeah.

on my way home this morning i just wanted to keep driving. it's just one of those gorgeous autumn days. not a cloud in the sky... the trees are all different colors... the sun is shining... the leaves are all falling off the trees... i just wanted to drive all day and not have to do anything.

unfortunately that's not the case. i'm at work cause my dad has a haz mat training course today with the firehouse and my uncle can't run the shop alone on saturdays cause it's busy and my mom came in last week so it's only fair that i worked today. yeah the joys of a family business. maybe somebody will get on aim so i can talk to them... something... anything.

i don't know what i'm doing after work. maybe i'll just start driving...

oh and i really like this one song- it makes me just wanna do absolutely nothing... haha
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contemplative contemplative
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leona naess- lazy days
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well kate just called and said her, mom and dez want me to meet them at chi-chi's in 20 mins so i guess that's where i'm headed. i think i'll deposit my paycheck and take some out and maybe go shopping... that sounds like a good plan! i could use some new clothes... haha. ;)

i got a lot done here at work. i feel very accomplished. it's so much easier when the phones aren't going crazy and there aren't a million people running around here... so yeah...

that's it.

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okay okay
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i think i'm going out tonite! mom, kate and i are gonna go to the movies and see something... probably 'on the line' or 'serendipity!' rock on...

i went to the mall and spent 100 bucks at express. i bought a black hooded long sweater. it's so cute! i also bought 2 long sleeve shirts... but i did get a $50 coupon off my next purchase there so that rocks. oh and i got another new cell phone cover! it's sooooooooo cute! it's silver and it has purple hawaiian flowers on it and silver buttons! i like it!

umm kate and i sent don a picture postcard from the mall... it was a cute pic, too. so don if you're reading this... which you never do... haha... check your email! lol. ;)

oh and victoria secret was having their semi-annual underwear sale so kate and i stocked up! haha! their underwear rocks... umm yeah... and we can't wait to get married so we can buy all that cute lingerie.. haha

sooooooo yeah... i just spent the last 3 hours just talking with my family in the kitchen. we do that a lot. it's fun though. my family's awesome.

ok time to go! later!
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excited excited
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