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October 3rd, 2001

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i got this from celly and rico and i thought it was very cool and yes i read both of yours entirely even tho i didn't comment on it! i just thought it was a great way to get to know your friends a little better. so here is my list of 101 things you might not know about me. i've been working on this on/off all day- no lie. so read it if you wanna. no pressure.

1. it took me 5 mins to think about what i wanted to put for #1 and i still don't know what to put. haha
2. i'm left-handed.
3. when i was in 4th grade i got kicked out of the school band cause i sucked so bad at the trumpet.
4. i drive a 96 toyota tercel- and i hate it. i need a new car baaaaaad.
5. i have 2 beds in my room. that way my friends have somewhere to sleep when they come over. :)
6. i'm the 2nd child of 4- and the first girl.
7. i wear gold jewelry.
8. i love chicken fingers!
9. my favorite teacher was mrs. cote in 2nd grade. she'd give us hershey kisses when we did good in class!
10. i looooooooove sleeping in!
11. my cell phone cover is currently bright green- i wanted blue but lyryn got blue and if i did too we'd get them mixed up. :p
12. my one treat for myself is getting my nails done.
13. i sneeze all the time and when i do i sneeze like 10 times in a row. no lie. ask anyone.
14. i got "citizen of the year" award in 6th grade and my parents missed the assembly cause my teacher told them the wrong time.
15. singing is my passion.
16. i wish i could play the guitar good...
17. i like herbal essence shampoo & conditioner.
18. i always brush my teeth right after i get out of the shower.
19. i can't wait to be a mom someday.
20. i don't like my hair.
21. i have 2 earrings in each ear pierced and my cartilage in my left ear.
22. i'm afraid of rejection.
23. people used to tease me in elementary school and call me "chipmunk" cause of my cheeks.
24. when i was in 6th grade i lost every single one of my friends because someone lied and said i started a rumor (which i DIDN'T). i had to make all new friends.
25. i've never been kissed.
26. i'm a natural born leader.
27. i love wearing jeans.
28. i used to really like fishing. i haven't gone in a long time though.
29. i rock at climbing trees. gosh i miss being a kid.
30. i cried so hard when my mom put my dog missy to sleep when i was 10.
31. i wear size 9 shoe.
32. my favorite color is blue.
33. my favorite color to wear is red.
34. i like daisy's.
35. i've never smoked a cigarette.
36. my first solo ever was at my 6th grade concert. i sang "edelweiss" from sound of music.
37. i went to the same camp ever summer for 6 years. the last year i went i won "honor camper."
38. i love my backyard.
39. i used to tell everyone i was gonna be the first woman president.
40. i like ginger ale a lot.
41. i tend to speed sometimes... but i'm still careful!
42. i'm so proud that my daddy is a firefighter.
43. i think kids are the best. their outlook on life is so great.
44. the first time i ever slow danced with a boy was at my junior prom and it was to "what a wonderful world." i love that song!
45. i like my smile.
46. i can be really really loud at times and other times really quiet... depends on what i feel like.
47. i love to make people laugh and i like to think i'm pretty good at it.
48. i've never gotten a ticket.
49. i played softball for 6 years.
50. i wanna marry a guy that plays the guitar.
51. one time i made a list of about 60 things i want in a husband. i think i lost it.
52. esther is my favorite bible character.
53. i love chocolate!!! mmmmm!
54. i want to be a missionary someday.
55. i want to have an odd number of kids.
56. last year i went on a 40 day fast and lost like 10 pounds but gained it back afterwards.
57. i've been to hershey park about 9 times in my life.
58. i support a little girl from haiti through <ahref="http://www.compassion.com">compassion</a>.
59. i really enjoy reading and can get through a book in a couple of hours.
60. i like to bake all kinds of goodies!
61. i get attached to people easily.
62. my credit card has dolphins on it.
63. i brought 3 beach balls and silly string to my graduation and luckily didn't get caught. haha.
64. i took german for 6 years.
65. i have an obsession with pigs.
66. i'm (for the most part) very creative.
67. i went to a presbyterian church for the first 10 years of my life.
68. i have an obsession with pictures and picture frames. there is literally no space left in my room for more... so it's getting difficult to add more.
69. i love autumn.
70. i love sitting around with a couple friends and a guitar and just singing whatever comes to my mind.
71. i wish i could remember the songs i come up with during those times! grrr! lol
72. my fav bible verse is john 15:13
73. for my 16th birthday my friends gave me a comforter and all put their handprint on it, their signature and a little note about something special we'd shared.
74. i got my first cavity this year.
75. one of my fav articles of clothing is my leather jacket. it's so nice.
76. i didn't go to my senior prom.
77. i went to jamaica on a missions trip when i was 14.
78. my hands rarely get cold.
79. i like chuck e. cheese.
80. i love the christmas season. everyone is always so happy.
81. i love sitting in front of a fire all wrapped up in a blanket with NO noise. nice.
82. we have a specific room in my house just for our jacuzzi. too bad it's broken right now!
83. i like sending people little notes and cards to remind them of how special they are to me.
84. my big toe on my right foot is crooked. it's a birth defect of some sort. my aunt has it, too so i guess it's genetic. it doesn't affect me at all, but i used to be really embarassed about it. now i realize that it's me so i don't care anymore.
85. i keep a journal for my future husband and hope to give it to him someday.
86. i wish i was more organized.
87. my brother's fiance dated isaac hanson for 6 years. so kate and i will get to meet them at the wedding. woop-de-doo.
88. i like listening to the radio.
89. i miss rach!
90. i drink skim milk and i like it. haha.
91. i love traveling and meeting new people.
92. i'm afraid of falling in love but having that person not fall in love with me.
93. i wish i could take away people's pain.
94. i'm not gonna be like celly and share my bra size. lol. i might shock some of you with that. ;) some things are better left secret.
95. i wonder if anyone is reading this or even cares.
96. i love sitting down and watching a good movie with my family.
97. i wish my brother didn't live in oklahoma. i miss not having him around.
98. i love my family so much. i wouldn't trade them for the world. we have so much fun together.
99. i love strawberries! mmmmmmm! specially strawberry shortcake! yum!
100. i sleep with 3-4 pillows.
101. i love jesus with all my heart!

wow. i could have probably gone on for a hundred more! lol. thanks for reading- if you did. haha.
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