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October 2nd, 2001

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my head has been hurting all day. at least the cramps have kind of subsided. thanks to the pain medicine my mom bought me. i just haven't been in a good mood today and the ppl i work with are all like "are you ok? what's wrong?" nothing's really wrong it's just one of those days. and things haven't even gone really bad or anything. just kind of blah. i wanna do something different and exciting but nothing. kinda weird.

kate and lyryn want me to go watch the other church volleyball game tonite. i kinda want to just to get out but i don't cause i don't wanna see them do all good and win and make me feel bad... cause our team isn't that wonderful. i dunno. man my head hurts!

this sucks. i need a life. i wanna go out and do something... but at the same time i don't. i'm a dork!

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crappy crappy
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michelle branch- all you wanted
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kate and i got a postcard from don today! it was so nice. he's got typical guy handwriting. haha. just like i expected. i can't wait to get the stuff he said he sent today... we'll see. i love getting mail! it's so fun. ... makes me feel all special cause you know getting a real letter takes more effort than an email.

anyways. i ended up going to the volleyball game and they ended up winning all 3 and their record is sooooooooo much better than ours which bites. so kate, lyryn, matt and i went out to dinner at this tavern/restaurant thing after the game. we had fun. turns out the waitress knew ppl we knew and we had all these weird connections with her. odd. she was really nice though. i gave her a good tip. :)

came home and watched tv. real world was on but it wasn't that exciting. ummm and now i'm bored. i should go to bed but i kinda don't want to. then again i do. ahh decisions decisions. my parents are still at work! they're nuts. they need to learn to just stop and come home. goodness gracious. working themselves to the bone. and it makes me feel kinda bad for not sticking around but i want a life, too. i don't want to live at work.

that's it i guess.

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quixotic quixotic
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oh nice. my mom stayed at work late so she could get paychecks done. i just got mine. rock on. working overtime is finally paying off. sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ecstatic ecstatic
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