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September 25th, 2001

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after reading janet's post and mention of mac&cheese i got a craving for it so i quick went to wawa and mmmmm yum. :)
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ooooo not good...
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nauseated nauseated
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ok better...
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to quote a wise saying (haha)

I'm busy, busy, dreadfully busy
You've no idea what I have to do.
Busy, busy, shockingly busy
Much, much too busy for you.

.... oh my. back to work.

btw- anybody name that tune? lol. ;)

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duh- BUSY!!!
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i had fun tonite. it's about time! kate and i left worked and headed to chi-chi's to grab some grub and on the way lyryn called me. she was on her way home from lacrosse so we told her to meet us at chi-chi's and we'd have dinner together. so she did and we were so crazy. especially kate (as always). lyryn and i were laughing so hard we thought we were gonna pee our pants. i think it was the combination of too many dr. peppers and nacho chips. lol.

kate pretended that don was eating with us and she was talking to him like he was there. it was so funny. just out of the blue she turns to the empty seat next to her and goes "want a refill?" i guess you had to be there but we were laughing hysterically. we were just talking about all kinds of stuff and being girls. the people in the booth next to us were giving us dirty looks cause we were loud and kate kept snorting. the guy in the booth next to us was like putting his nose in his g/f's ear and we were laughing cause it was just funny...

then kate and i went to kohls and i bought like 6 more picture frames. yes i'm addicted. i know. but i love 'em!

oh and i got a (late) birthday card from my friend lindsey who lives in california. we met at an aglow conference a year ago and have been emailing ever since. she sent me a pic of herself too. very cool!

dangit i know there was something else i wanted to say but i forgot. oh man kate and i missed real world. bummer.

anyways... nite
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amused amused
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