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September 15th, 2001

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ok. it was an interesting 3 days.

thursday we left at 6am. got to wildwood new jersey somewhere around 9 or 10. the fire show was in 3 huge tents on a baseball field. it was right next to the beach. we set up our 30 foot booth. we finished around 4-ish. ? something like that. we went and checked into our motel. it was so cute! so old, but very clean. we had a room with 2 beds and a couch that had a pull out bed. it had a little kitchenette, too. so we got cleaned up. we went in the pool but got out 5 mins later cause it was freezing. then we went to dinner. we went to a seafood place. i had scallops, shrimp, flounder, crab... it was sooooooo yummy! seafood rocks at the beach!

then kate, lyr and i decided to walk to the boardwalk which was about 2 and a half miles away. haha... we walked halfway on the beach and the rest on the street. the firefighters were calling us and trying to get us to come up to their hotels. they were all under the influence of course so we weren't that flattered. the boardwalk was kinda boring and then we called my dad and had him pick us up. :)

friday was the first day of the show. it was nuts!!! it was absolutely crazy. people were lined up waiting to see our booth and all the stuff we had to sell. we couldn't even get out to go to the bathroom- it was so crowded! it rained and it got really cold. we had shorts on! so we went and bought sweatpants that said 'firefighter' on them. lol.

the show ended at 6. we went out to eat at an italian restaurant. when we walked in it was 7 and the owner of the restaurant made an announcement and we participated in the moment of silence. it was soooooo amazing! i've never seen something like that. God is too good. after that we went to the boardwalk and kate and lyryn got their belly buttons pierced. they tried to get me to do it and i said no. not then. we'll see. it was pretty funny. if you've never seen it done... you wouldn't understand. it looks cute on them though.

we went back to the motel and went to bed even though there was a million parties around wildwood. we didn't wanna go. everybody was drunk anyways- no lie. today the show started at 8! we were up at 6. it ended around 1 but there were people at our booth buying stuff till 2:30. we were finished packing up and on the road by 4:30. that was a record. we sold so much stuff!!! i still can't believe it. it was unreal.

we sold out of all of our american flag decals for fire helmets in the first few hours! we could have sold 200 more. all this patriotism is cool but we weren't ready for it. lol.

so here i am at home. i'm tired. i'm glad church is tomorrow. after that is a surprise party for emanuele. woohoo! i love parties! i'm excited.

ok. time to get off. nite!
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