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August 27th, 2001

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it is so muggy outside today. yuck.

i woke up this morning... got dressed and right before i was about to leave for work my mom came in my room. she's like "your father and i just woke up. we overslept." i couldn't help but laugh. usually they're the ones waking me up for work. my mom was relieved i was ready so she told my dad not to rush cause i could open the store. so being the good daughter i am i made it to work ontime and let in the other employee and got things going. :) dad didn't show up till 9:30 this morning. i've been teasing him about it, too.

at my lunch break i went to the pool and saw heather and the kids cause i didn't feel like going out to lunch with everybody else. you feel like you're not even getting a break cause all we do is talk about work! it's crazy. heather's sister beth was there, too with her kids so there was 6 kids under the age of 6 running around. talk about excitement. lol. they're so cute though. i even got some sun. my face is pink now.. hehe.

the kids didn't want me to leave, but unfortunately i had to go back to work. leah followed me out to my car. it was so cute. she gave me a kiss and watched me till i drove out of sight. awww... made me feel all speshal. kids are great.

so now i'm back at work. fun fun. i got an email from michelle today. she's at teen mania and it sounds like she's doing good so that's great. ahhhh my allergies are driving me nuts today! i hate it.

i text messaged kate today (cause she's at school) and i was like "so how's school?" she responds back "sux. pick me up at 2:15." lol. i thought it was pretty funny. she didn't seem too stoked about going back. i gotta run and pick her up in few minutes. she's gonna work today.

ok i need to get back to work. i have tons of orders to type.
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ten shekel shirt- sweet embrace
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