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August 22nd, 2001

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i wish it wasn't wednesday. i wish it was friday. this week is going by sooooo slow. yesterday was just a blah day. work was normal and then i went home and changed and went to young adult bible study. it was good. at first i wasn't real thrilled about being there. there was only 4 of us and no one was in a real talkative mood so it started off kind of blah. then we started our study of philippians 2. it was exactly what i needed. i went into it just asking God to show me something and He did. i just felt convicted of being selfish as far as asking God for things i want and making it all about me. i should be like christ and be a servant, but it's so easy to get caught up in yourself and lose sight of that. so i was grateful for the teaching and all. matt came at the end but he certainly livened things up. i stayed till almost 10 just talking which was nice.

i came home and watched real world. it was dumb. i debated going on the computer and decided not to cause i didn't want to get stuck on it all nite. so i went up to my room and read. i wanted to get up early this morning and somehow in my sleep i shut off my alarm and my mom came in my room at 8:30 this morning and wanted to know why i wasn't ready for work. so i jumped in the shower and got ready really fast. i was 10 mins late for work but my dad didn't say anything.

my whole youth group is at this new park a couple miles down the road for a picnic. i can't go till 5... i really wanna be there. they have 2 sand volleyball courts and i wanna play soooo bad!!!! i can't wait till volleyball starts in october. i miss playing so much. it should be fun (especially if josh plays..hehe).

well i'm gonna get my work finished up and see if my parents will let me out of here early. we'll see.

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anxious anxious
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rico's version of fuel- bad day. good job bud. :)
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