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August 6th, 2001

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i suppose i should update cause i haven't all weekend. saturday i had dance practice. then i just chilled at home, got my nails done with my mom, chilled at home some more... then my dad wanted to go out to dinner so i picked up lyryn and she went with us. we went to chi-chi's. it was good, as always. then we went over the the christian bookstore and i bought a couple cd's and a couple books. i already finished one book. :) i read fast. so lyryn slept over. we were a couple old farts and went to bed at 10:30. haha... we were tired.

got up early on sunday. went to church. it was good. i had sunday school duty. it was nuts. after church our dance team got ready to go cause we were driving up to jane's (our dance leader) moms to dance for her church. only 7 of us went. it was a 3 1/2 hour drive. we just crammed into one van. i drove for about an hour. we got there and practiced our dances. then we ate dinner.

the church we danced at was 99.999999999% people over the age of 60. but it was still fun. we did 3 pieces and they enjoyed all of them. i think it really blessed them. i had fun. afterwards they fed us tons of cake. it was cool. then they gave us an empty cottage to sleep in- where we were was like an "old" persons campground type thing with little cottages and stuff. it's very small, but so cute. so the 5 of us girls had our own little house. it was slanted and kinda dirty and there was a slug on the ground right next to where i slept. but kasey picked it up and threw it outside. thanks kase. :) we stayed up late. lyryn and i gave each other foot massages. then bethany gave each of us back massages with lotion. it felt sooooooooo good. she is so good at that. i think she should do it for a living. anyways... that got me all relaxed. lyryn and i didn't want to sleep on the floor so we tried to share a couch and that didn't work so she resorted to the floor and i got the couch- haha. turned out the couch was really really uncomfortable. i hardly slept at all.

so this morning i had the privilege of making sure everyone was up and dressed by 8. lyryn did not want to get up and claimed she would miss breakfast. i told her she needed to get up like the rest of us. she didn't like that. she quick jumped up, threw her clothes on, grabbed her stuff and left (all in a matter of 2 minutes). she's always a grouch in the morning and i hate that. it ruined it for me the rest of the day. goodness. God forbid you have to get up a little earlier than you're used to because you're out ministering!!! sheesh.

anyways. enough about that. so we drove back this morning and got home about 1:30 cause we stopped for almost an hour to eat at wendys. so now i'm back at work and it stinks. i don't wanna be here and i am extremely tired, but i don't really have a choice.

i better get back to work.
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