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July 23rd, 2001

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what a stressful day it's been...

i was back at work this morning and i had plenty of work here waiting for me which kinda stinks. and the phone's have been ringing off the hook all day!!! not to mention my dog got sick while i was in mexico and we still don't know what's wrong with him. the vet ran some test and they still_don't_know. grrrrr... he's so not himself lately. if he dies i'm gonna cry so hard... i don't even want to think about it.

oh yeah and my brother and kesh (his g/f) got engaged while i was away, too!!! so they're all happy and stuff. it's cool.

i got my pictures back from mexico. they're awesome. i gotta go home tonite and scan them and when i do i'll tell you guys all about my trip, too. in the meantime you can read a bit about it at katie's (my sister) journal. got it?

lol. this is just a nutsy day. on wednesday morning i leave for baltimore for 4 days for another fire expo with the family biz. that should be fun, but extremely tiring. ahhhhhhhhh!!! i can't take all this. lol. i don't even get a chance to rest. my oh my...

i gotta get back to work. i love you all and miss talking with you. keep your eyes on jesus. God bless!

oh yeah. one more thing- go check out this website or their journal here. they need some hits to their site and want to spark some interest in it so check it out.

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stressed stressed
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beautiful day- u2
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