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June 24th, 2001

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oh my goodness! i have so much to write about! boy i really slack on writing in here during the weekends. gosh where do i even begin?

let's see. yesterday was wendy and emaule's wedding. i'm gonna start at the beginning here. i had to get up at 6:30 yesterday morning. the hairdresser was coming at 7:30 to do my hair. so i got my shower and the lady came and did my hair. it looked really pretty. (here's a pic of me right after i got my hair done and before i had put any makeup on). you were warned. lol. anyhow... here's a pic of just the back of my head for any of you that care to see what it looked like. pretty cool, huh? well then all the rest of the girls in the bridal party came to my house and got their hair done, too. and then wendy (the bride-to-be) came and got her makeup done and everything. then i got to drive her to the church! i felt so special! :) all we did was talk about sex the whole way to the church. isn't that horrible? it was so funny.

so all the girls crowded into the nursery of the church and got our makeup on and got dressed and everything. it was so much fun! then before the service started wendy got all the girls together and we just prayed for the day and for wendy and emanuele's marraige. it was awesome. ok so here's me after i got my makeup and dress on. :)

before we knew it, it was time. i was more nervous than the bride i think! lol. it was the first time i was ever in a wedding and i wanted to do everything right. :) oh wait i forgot. here's a picture of all the girls in the wedding party while we were in the nursery right before the service started. that's me second from the left if you didn't notice. :)

ok and then here's another pic of me before the wedding. this one is me and katie. this one kinda turned out a little blurry so i don't know how it'll look on here, but i'll use it anyway.

so anyhow, i walk up the aisle and this is what i had to look at. my pastor, then emanuele (the groom) and a whole bunch of my guy friends... who were all making faces at me! lol. emanuele was the worst. i was trying so hard to keep my smile cause the photographer was like "make sure you smile the whole way down the aisle." and then they started making faces at me. lol. it was funny. and then it didn't help that while i was walking up all you could here in the audience was "hey it susie... look susie.. susie..." everyone in my church was there and so i hear my name like rustle through the crowd. lol. it was pretty funny.

so here's wendy and emanule while they were saying their vows. she looked so pretty. i cried... as soon as they started saying their vows little tears welled up in my eyes. i love weddings. i don't know how wendy held herself together. i wonder if i'll cry at my wedding... probably. lol.

so the service was really nice and then we had to take a ton of pictures of the bridal party... it got soooo annoying, but it's part of the routine. after that we drove to the reception and they announced us. everybody cheered when matt and i walked in (he's the groomsmen that escorted me). that was cool. then we sat down and had the toast. i spilled sparkling cider on myself... lol.

we danced.. had fun. i was crazy. i've never had so much fun at a wedding. i was tearing it up out there. (or at least trying to). lol. it was great to just have fun and not worry about what people think. and i got lots of compliments from people saying how nice i looked which is always nice. :) that helps to boost a girls confidence.

ok fast forward to today. i got up and left my hair how it was and went to church. i think i looked cute, too. :) church was good. i danced in the back during worship. it was awesome. then i had to give an announcement about the youth group cookbook sale after church. i didn't mind. getting up in front of the congregation doesn't usually faze me. after church i went out for pizza with my family but i got a salad. it was good, too.

when we got home my parents told us they wanted us to do yardwork. so we pulled weeds and trimmed trees. and i didn't complain! lol. i relaxed for a little bit and then i went to the park with my neighbor and her 3 kids. i had so much fun!!! we played on the playground and in the sandbox... and we swung on the swings. then we caught lightning bugs! i love kids! we were having a blast. so when they dropped me off at home the little girl, leah who is 3 gave me a great big hug... awwww... she's such a doll.

so now i'm at home and gosh i left out so much but i need to stop! nite.
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